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I make a lot of opinionated comments on Slashdot. If I've offended you on some personal level, I'm sorry, and I'd love to discuss it with civility by E-mail. I'm usually not trying to be offensive, rude or crass and if I've called you names, it wasn't anything I haven't said to people I know in person. I can be like that sometimes, I'm slightly opinionated. Feel free to check out my blog or my technology blog for more of that. Yes, I maintain two.

If on the other hand you'd like to know more about me, this probably isn't the place for it. I have a lot of meta-information about myself I suppose; what I listen to, what movies and TV shows I like, and various technology and link pages, but not a whole lot of immensely personal stuff. Sorry.

Mike's Chaotic Mind

For the person who asked about a statically linked gnuchess, here you go. Gnuchess 5.06 compiled statically against FC6 distro libraries (not required) using pentium as a base arch.


Poetry Contest

Oh nine, eff nine, one one oh too!
Nine dee, seven four, eee three, five bee.
Dee ate for one,
Five six,
See five,
Six three, five six, ate eight sea oh!

AACS Story

I think basically this turn of events unfolded, although I might not have got the numbers 100% accurate yet!
9 hackers looking into poor security,
249 MPAA lawyers browsing porn in the silence before the storm.

17 sites spreading the news,
2 sites surviving the mass visits.

157 drops of sweat down the AACS team's cheeks,
116 frantic phone calls buzzing in the offices.

227 lawyers starting up Plan B,
There's now 91 sites to shut down.

$216 sent as bribe for the Digg staff,
still 65 sites still up and running.

86 shutdown reasons discovered by abusing the DMCA,
197 prayers one will work.

99 sites now publishing the keys... oh wait!
86 managers finding the case is slipping out of control.

136 confused MPAA members mumbling about HD-DVD keys,
192 reasons found to keep trying to stifle sales. :-(

By Jugalator

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