[Michael T. Babcock] Apple's Newton MessagePad

I used a Newton MessagePad for over 5 years betwen 1997 and 2002. My first was one of the original series (commonly referred to as an OMP for Original MessagePad) and I recently purchased a new 120 through Ebay. MessagePads are reliable, durable and very functional.


There is a lot of software available for the Newton MessagePad. This is a list of the software I have installed or have used at some point, along with some of my comments. The packages are mirrored here as well since many are either unmaintained or may have sites that won't be up forever.

All software

You can just connect to the full listing of packages I have mirrored. This may be software I haven't used at all, so on top of the standard disclaimer, I don't claim any of these packages even work.

Software Links

Official Apple Pages

Messagepad System Updates

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