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My comments on coding and RPM packages are seperate.

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If you're looking for help with your code, you should really check out stackoverflow, its a fantastic resource and I use it semi-regularly myself. You can post questions about your code or algorithms, answer others' questions or just browse it for answers to questions you haven't even had yet.


I write a lot of random software. Most of it is scripting for the servers I administer; database backup programs, DNS update scripts, rsync wrappers, ssh tunnel services, E-mail analysis, and all sorts of other little goodies. A lot of what I write is written for clients and I can't share it here. When I can and I think its worthwhile though, I post some tidbits here for Google to pick up and disseminate to those looking to do something similar. I hate having to re-invent the wheel when someone else has done it already, so I hope I can help in the same way.

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